Good Bones: Nearing Novels #1

Paranormal/urban fantasy romance

Death shouldn’t be a matter of perspective.

For Decan Delaney, it’s finite, an ever-encroaching threat she escaped once. Her parting gifts: a painful scar and a branded rib bone, connecting her to a wave of dark magic she doesn’t understand. 

But for occultists Jacek Lorde and Adler Raventhorpe, death is more of a suggestion. Over multiple lifetimes, they’ve shared love, magic, and a host of beautiful guests in their bed.

When Decan brings the mysterious bone to Jacek and Adler, she doesn’t expect to want them the way she does. Doesn’t expect their attraction to become something so captivating, so inescapable. Doesn’t expect that she is the final thread weaving Jacek and Adler together with the darkness that has been hunting them across time. Binding them to Decan in ways they never could have imagined.

And once the darkness finds them, there is no coming back. 

If unleashed, it will tear them apart forever.

  • Cover design: Maria Spada
  • Copy editing: Gabriella West (Edit for Indies) – all mistakes are our own, because we can’t be trusted.
  • Book formatting support: Danielle Capri

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